Razorback first began performing covers of bands such as Led ZeppelinJuan de la Cruz BandBlack Sabbath and Iron Maiden. The group was put together by drummer Miguel Ortigas and guitarists Tirso Ripoll and David Aguirre.In 1982, Miguel Ortigas met Tirso Ripoll through Ripoll's cousin in LSGH. Ortigas first handled guitars then later moved on to drums. Ortigas also studied in Yamaha School of Music, under Benjie Zialcita, who also taught Tirso Ripoll, Louie Talan and David Aguirre. It was in 1988, when they would usually watch their idols Pepe Smith, Sampaguita, Edmund Fortuno, and many others, in Electra Bar, Makati, where they decided to create something better.One of their first songs was "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC, and with only Tirso, Miguel and David in the line-up, they first recruited Tirso's brother, Junus as bassist and Isabel Lozano as vocalist. During their formative years, the band was known as 'Outrider', with their first gig at Big Bang, Alabang. The group later joined Upsilon Sigma Phi-NU107's Battle of the Bands and won. From here on out, the band as 'Razorback' was officially formed and played regularly in local bars such as Kalye, Club Dredd and Peligro.Members of Razorback and Wolfgang used to jam onstage billed as the 'Flaming Hemorrhoids'.[1] Five years later, the band, original vocalist Jose Mari Cuervo was replaced by Kevin Roy on vocals, alongside Ripoll and Aguirre on guitars, Ortigas on drums and Louie Talan on bass, released their debut album entitled Hebigat Sounds Volume One. ('Hebigat' is a portmanteau, created by fusing the words 'Hebi', a play on the English word 'heavy', and the Filipino word 'bigat', literally, 'heavy'.) The album contained such tracks as "Giyang", "Tabi ng Bulkan" ("Beside the Volcano") and "Pepe D' Hepe".David Aguirre is now the lead guitarist for the Southern California-based band 3 Headed Dog. Manuel Legarda, also of Wolfgang, has taken over his guitar duties for Razorback.[2] Brian Velasco, who was a drum instructor at RJ Guitar Center, later joined and replaced Miguel Ortigas on drums.


Wolfgang is a Filipino rock band formed in January 1992 in ManilaPhilippines. Wolfgang is notable for being the only Filipino rock band to release albums in both Japan and the United States and for realizing Platinum record sales in their home country.[1] After ten years, the original line-up broke up in 2002. Wolfgang reformed in 2007 with a different roster.