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SAN JOSE, CA - Sept 24, 2019 – Edren Entertainment, a prominent US event producer announces the cancellation of KZ Tandingan’s San Jose and Stockton events slated for September 27 and 29, 2019 due to multiple breaches of contract by the tour promoter, Jimmy Reyes Cruz (aka “Jemalicious”).  The breaches of contract caused by Jimmy Cruz were confirmed last night by Jeff Vadillo at KZ’s management company, Cornerstone Entertainment Inc., via email to US Attorney Antony Santos.


Edren Entertainment Owner, Edgar Tividad stated, “I’m extremely upset and frustrated to announce the cancellation of the KZ Tandingan shows in San Jose and Stockton.  Our company spent an enormous amount of time and resources over the last few months to welcome KZ to the California bay area.  The local fans were excited to see the shows, and due to these unfortunate circumstances out of our control, the shows are now cancelled.  We should have never trusted promoter Jimmy Cruz and his company.” 


KZ’s tour has been wrought with problems from the beginning.  Jimmy Cruz announced to several US and Canadian event producers that he had the rights for a multi-city tour for KZ Tandingan with her band, and opening performer Gloc-9.  The entire tour was almost cancelled due to Jimmy Cruz’s failure to buy airline tickets from the Philippines to Toronto.  Edren Entertainment stepped up and purchased the airfare to save the shows even though it was the responsibility of Cruz in the agreement.


Then Cruz claimed he failed to timely secure all the visas for the US.  KZ traveled to New York and performed without her band and without the opening, Gloc-9 who failed to appear.  The Las Vegas event was also cancelled by famous US company Hesser Entertainment, who last week filed a lawsuit against Cruz and his management company alleging breach of contract and misrepresentation by Cruz.  The Boston event was also cancelled and moved to Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles event also did not have the entire band and Gloc-9 as well.


Jimmy Cruz, claiming to have run out of money, could not cover the expenses for domestic airfare from Los Angeles to San Jose, so Edren Entertainment offered to pay for the flights for KZ and what was left of the band and support staff for this weekend’s shows.  Edgar Tividad added, 


“We offered to pay for the flights just to save the shows, but unfortunately Cruz began demanding additional money beyond the terms of our contract or Cruz would unilaterally cancel the events and attempt to defame our company.  We will not stand for extortive type threats and so we instructed our r legal counsel reach out directly to Cornerstone in an effort to salvage the shows.”


Cornerstone’s response to Edren’s legal counsel was as follows: “While we understand your frustrations towards Jimmy Cruz, we are sincerely unable to accommodate your request at this point to proceed with the show due to multiple contract violations and bad experiences with our promoter Jimmy Cruz (JRC) which at this point has become already irreconcilable. We will make our official announcement on this and kindly inform your client so they can proceed with the appropriate contingency plan.” 


Edren added, “At this point, we have no other options.  The shows are cancelled, and we will be considering any and all available legal remedies. Several discrepancies have been brought to our attention regarding Jimmy Reyes Cruz (aka “Jemalicious”), including what appears to be two different passport numbers on contracts, as well as multiple names for his company, such as JRC Models & Talent Management Services and JRC Management & Production Inc.  We are not sure what the truth is, but it will be discovered soon."


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