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SAN JOSE, CA - Sept 27, 2019 – Edren Entertainment, Reagan John Productions, Happy Owl Productions, and Hesser Entertainment, prominent US event producers release this joint press release regarding the Cornerstone Entertainment’s unceremonious and sudden cancellation of multiple KZ Tandingan events here in the USA. Cornerstone manages the performer and her engagements through its agent, Jimmy Cruz and his business entity, JRC.

The last-minute cancellation of all of the remaining performances (part of a U.S. leg of a world tour) planned months in advance detrimentally effects several cities including, Houston, San Jose, and Stockton (slated for Sept 27, 28, and 29 respectively). Cornerstone Entertainment publicly cancelled these events on September 25th, 2019, just two days before KZ was to appear on stage for the first of these cities’ events. Cornerstone stated the reason for cancellation was “…due to the promoter’s (JRC) – failure to comply with its obligations, protocol, and show requirements…”. It is unclear what this means and why it would allow Cornerstone the unilateral right to cancel.

The Houston producer, Happy Owl Productions, was preparing for the Houston event and had no forward notice about the cancellation. “Happy Owl Productions was never informed by either Jimmy Cruz (JRC) or Cornerstone about any planned cancellations for the show. We only found out the morning of September 25th through other sources. Happy Owl Productions, in addition to fulfilling our obligations, also paid for roundtrip domestic flights, which we are not responsible for, even wired an additional $4,000 to JRC through the bank account of Cornerstone that was provided by Jimmy Cruz on September 23rd, as a huge request to help them pay for expenses during their stay in Los Angeles, again, something that we are not even responsible for. Despite all of this, we were left high and dry without any show.”

The San Jose and Stockton producer, Edren Entertainment, had this to say, “Our shows were also cancelled due to apparent multiple contract violations between Cornerstone and their promoter JRC. Why was this not brought to our attention prior to us spending so much time and money?

Las Vegas producer, Hesser Entertainment was forced to cancel its show in Las Vegas given what it alleges are multiple breaches of contract by JRC in its case filed in Nevada District Court.

U.S. legal counsel Mr. Santos added, “My client, and several other U.S. Producers having lost hundreds of thousands of dollars preparing for these events, and paying the expenses related thereto, are disappointed by, and dissatisfied with, Cornerstone’s conduct and obscure rationale for the cancellations. “I’ve spoken to a few of these folks and they’re expecting a more detailed explanation from Cornerstone and hoping for one soon!

New York producer Reagan John Productions was lucky enough to have that event proceed but not without considerable harm. Though Cornerstone managed to get KZ Tandingan to appear and perform, her band and the open act, Gloc-9 did not, despite the fact thay Reagan John had paid in full and in advance. On a positive note, KZ sang exceptionally as usual, but did so to recorded music not live. No one from Cornerstone has offered any explanation, apology or refund. No one has taken any responsibility for this debacle. In the end though, its all the fans here in the U.S. that suffer. They had hoped to enjoy a night of music and performances by some of their favorite musicians and they were left disappointed.

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